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The artifacts come from the Serra da Capivara national park in Brazil’s northeastern Piaui state, on the border of the Amazon and Atlantic Forests, which attracted the hunter-gatherer civilization that left behind this hoard of local art. Since the 1970s, Franco-Brazilian archaeologist Niede Guidon has headed a mission to carry out large-scale excavation of Piaui’s interior. “It’s difficult to think there exists a site anywhere with a higher concentration of cave art,” the 80-year-old Guidon told AFP. Many paths led to Americas Other traces of the civilization include charcoal remains of structured fires, explained Guidon, who hails from Sao Paulo. “To date, these are the oldest traces” of human existence in the Americas, she emphasized. The widely held theory has suggested human beings only reached the Americas some 12,000 years ago from Asia, crossing the Bering Strait to reach Alaska. Some archeologists contend flaked pebbles at the Brazilian sites are not evidence of a crude, human-made fire hearth made some 40 millennia ago, but are rather geofacts — a natural stone formation, not a man-made one.

→  30,000 year old Brazilian artifacts throw wrench in theory humans first arrived in Americas 12,000 years ago | The Raw Story

- The artifacts come from the Serra da Capivara...
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